Monthly Archives: August 2020

The Basics of Easy Business Loans

If you apply for a business loan at a traditional lender like a bank, it might take as long as four months or longer before getting final approval. More likely, your application would be rejected in much less time than... Read More

8 Tips to Be More Productive as a Business Owner

As a small business owner, it can feel as if there never is enough time in the day. The problem isn’t the number of hours as much as using the hours in a productive way. Here are eight tips for... Read More

What to Know Before Starting Mergers & Acquisitions

The decision to embark on a merger or acquisition is a momentous one for any company’s leadership. If you’re considering doing so, keep reading to learn about some key considerations regarding mergers and acquisitions. Online Data Rooms Are Key During... Read More

How Small Business Owners Use Merchant Cash Advance

For many small businesses, there will come a time when you need cash immediately to cover some unexpected expenses, or to cover a gap in incoming revenues. One possible solution to this situation is to work with an alternative lender... Read More