Monthly Archives: September 2020

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

The nature vs. nurture debate has been going on for generations, but it’s typically around children. This time, let’s take a look at how it concerns entrepreneurs. Are entrepreneurs born or made? Research Shows Entrepreneurship Is Genetic A study of... Read More

How to Get Through the Equipment Financing Process

Equipment financing is a viable way for companies to get the items they need to begin, maintain, and expand operations. If you’re considering pursuing it, check out the following tips, which can help you consider whether to go after equipment... Read More

What Does Recourse Factoring Mean?

Recourse factoring is a form of invoice factoring in which your company would be obliged to return the advance money given by a factoring company when customers don’t pay their invoices within 90 days. In some cases, you would also... Read More

5 Tips for Reducing Cost of a Fix and Flip in Winter Months

Buying a fix and flip home in the winter may seem like a recipe for disaster. The prime time for real estate is in the spring and summer, but you may come out ahead if you think carefully and remember... Read More