The nature vs. nurture debate has been going on for generations, but it’s typically around children. This time, let’s take a look at how it concerns entrepreneurs. Are entrepreneurs born or made?

Research Shows Entrepreneurship Is Genetic

A study of twins by a professor with Case Western Reserve University demonstrated that identical twins shared entrepreneurship tendencies over fraternal twins. Genetics definitely factors into making an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs tend to have an innate drive for success. Genetics can make a person strive to be an entrepreneur.

Heritage Helps Entrepreneurs 

Some entrepreneurs come to the field because of family decisions. Children who watch their parents work successfully independently may also grow up to become entrepreneurs simply because of heredity. It’s not much different than children of musicians who grow up to become successful in music. We learn by watching those around us. Some researchers believe that the ability to identify entrepreneurial opportunities is hereditary.

What About Experience and Education?

The thing that researchers forgot was to find out how successful the identical twin entrepreneurs were over the other subjects. Experience certainly counts for something in the business world. Many entrepreneurs without a genetic disposition or heritage of success still find their way to the top. Although college may not determine whether you go on to be an entrepreneur, college, training and other types of education can certainly lead toward success.

Are Successful Entrepreneurs Born or Made? 

If you are driven to become an entrepreneur, don’t listen to your critics. It doesn’t matter whether you have a family foundation or the hereditary traits that lead toward entrepreneurship. With the right experience, you can be successful. You may even be more successful than those with the genetic makeup. Success isn’t measured by genetics, but by opportunities.

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