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Why the Best Leaders Are Mindful

Mindfulness is defined as “attending to present-moment experience.” What was once considered a New Age practice for personal well-being is making its way into the business world. Mindfulness helps you stay focused on the present, reduces your stress and helps... Read More

How to Use SBA Loans for a Franchise

Buying an established business franchise comes with numerous benefits, including built-in name recognition and ongoing training. Even so, it requires extensive upfront funding just like any other type of business. If you have not done so already, we highly recommend... Read More

How to Be Successful with Fix and Flip Investments

If you’re getting involved in fix and flip investments, you’ve chosen a lucrative, satisfying way to make money: You’ll get to see homes restored to their prime while reaping the financial benefits of your efforts. To make the most out... Read More

The Basics of Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring is a process where a business sells some of its accounts receivable invoices to a company known as a factor. Upon receipt of the application and invoices, the factor requests a credit check on the customer owing the... Read More

Business Loan Options for New Businesses

Need money for your new company or brand? You have options; there are many places to go for business loans, including these resources: Conventional Community Lenders Perhaps the first place to look for business loan options are banks and credit... Read More

How Single Parents Can Balance Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is difficult, but running your own business while also being a single parent can be even more challenging. Being organized is essential to your success—and to your sanity! Your children need a sense of structure just as much as... Read More