Need money for your new company or brand? You have options; there are many places to go for business loans, including these resources:

Conventional Community Lenders

Perhaps the first place to look for business loan options are banks and credit unions in your own community. There will be required documentation which may take time to compile; plus, the terms and eligibility criteria will vary from place to place. Many consumers report credit unions to be more receptive and less rigid than large banks, but if you have a small hometown banking institution that you have dealt with previously, start there. Furthermore, there are likely going to be payday loan resources in your region which may prove to be a prudent last resort when it comes to funding. With high interest rates and looser requirements, it should not be your first go-to.  

Private Investors

Have you considered approaching others about investing in your business? This is a practical way to get the working capital that you need, while also avoiding the pitfalls and burdens of taking on debt through loans. Do you have family, friends, or coworkers that would be viable investors? There are also some entities known as ‘angel investors’, which may make sense for your business. Speak with a banking professional to find out more about this as a viable funding option.


If you are really in a bind and need money fast, consider factoring some or all of your accounts receivable. That is, you can sell your unpaid invoices to a third party, typically a bank, at a discount to get the money that you need swiftly, without taking out more debt and loans.

Do you need money for your business? Got more questions about business financing? Talk to the professionals at Third Bay Capital; when it comes to business loans, you have options! Call or visit today.