Grow Your Business With a Credit Card Line

At Third Bay Capital our goal is to strengthen your company with consumer finance strategies that work in today’s world. We know that launching a credit card line can create exciting opportunities for small, medium and large businesses. The benefits of your own credit card line include building your brand, increasing customer loyalty, providing clients with payment options and driving up the percentage of repeat customers.

Empower Your Customers

Expanding the buying power of your customers helps you and them. Working with Third Bay Capital on consumer finance initiatives gives you access to strong credit lines, consistent credit approval, knowledgeable support, rapid program setup, quality training, debt collection measures and E-signature.

At the same time, your customers are empowered with a powerful tool to increase convenience, improve money management, enhance record keeping and build financial confidence. With your company credit in hand, your patrons receive the following features:

  • Appropriate line of credit
  • Easy way to make payments over time
  • Secure form of payment
  • Greater sense of financial power

Access Our Expertise

Our consumer finance acumen provides businesses large and small with innovative strategies to improve the bottom line. Our goal is to deliver smart solutions tailored to the specific needs of your company and we constantly search for the best products to achieve this.

To learn more about opening a company credit card line, contact Third Bay Capital today. Our finance professionals will be happy to discuss your options.