Smart Strategies for Equipment Financing

We know at Third Bay Capital that buying, maintaining and operating equipment for any business is a complicated challenge. We provide innovative solutions for equipment financing and equipment leasing that allows your company the needed capital to purchase and replace the equipment that is the backbone of its operations. Whether your company is just getting started and needs new equipment to fill orders, or you need to replace outdated equipment to compete, we can provide the appropriate financing plan.

Highlights of our products for equipment financing for established companies include the following features:

  • Fast approval, as quickly as 24 hours, or 3 to 5 days for larger outlays
  • Excellent interest rates
  • Repayment terms as long as 84 months
  • No financial statement for requests up to $150,000
  • Loans and leasing programs for large expenditures
  • Zero or small down payment

Buy or Lease Equipment

Third Bay Capital will work with you to determine if equipment leasing makes more sense for you than purchasing. Leasing comes with a range of benefits that may be ideal for your company.

  • Creates substantial advantages for taxes and accounting
  • Preserves cash flow and improves liquidity
  • Maintains value of existing credit lines
  • Allows for an orderly replacement of outdated equipment

Leasing Options

A number of leasing programs are available depending upon the needs of each company. With a Sale and Lease Back program, Third Bay Capital buys the equipment a company needs for its operations and then leases the equipment to it. Once the payments are completed, ownership transfers to the company.

Governmental and municipal programs provide guaranteed leases to governmental agencies, including the armed services, federal government, libraries, fire and police departments and others. For companies struggling with credit approval, B, C and D programs work with companies to provide leasing options.

Contact Our Financial Experts

At Third Bay Capital we can guide you through the complexities of equipment leasing and equipment financing. Call today to learn more.