Catering to the Small Business World

For a loan backed by the Small Business Administration, look no further than Third Bay Capital. We understand that small businesses can have big needs and that these needs can outgrow a business’s capability to provide for them. Here are some ways your small business could benefit by applying for a loan with us.

More Financing for Your Equipment

Whether you choose to lease or buy your heavy equipment, Third Bay Capital can provide a small business loan to cover your costs. Types of equipment covered include:

  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Trucking equipment
  • Laundry machines
  • Machine tools
  • Medical equipment
  • Printing and binding machinery
  • Dry cleaning equipment

Grab the Opportunity of a Business Acquisition

If you don’t have the capital for a small business acquisition, an SBA loan can help. When qualifying for this type of loan, we look at one important factor. The first is the cash flow of the business and how it is being managed. This process can take as little as 48 hours and requires very little paperwork. There are no prepayment penalties on loans of this kind, no ballooning of payments and tend to come with 15-year amortization.

Finance Your Industrial, Commercial and Real Estate Properties

When you work with Third Bay Capital, you can access to the funds necessary for your building needs. Whether you need to build, purchase, renovate or rebuild a property, our small business loan program can help. Here are a few of the building types we’ve worked with.

  • Veterinary practices
  • Hotels and motels
  • Car washes
  • Gas stations
  • Car dealerships
  • Child care facilities
  • Single-purpose buildings
  • Nonconforming properties

What Are the Benefits?

Our flexible terms and competitive rates can provide you with loans of up to $5 million for all your small business needs. We work with both the 7a and 504 programs and fully amortize all loans.

Contact our office to learn more. Give your small business a big helping hand by using Third Bay Capital for your financing needs.