Frugality is an admirable and useful trait, but it’s impossible to run a business without spending money. The key is to do it wisely. This article goes over some of the most worthwhile business expenses that you should focus your business’s spending on.

Design Services

The difference between good and bad design is stark. Good design work will make your company stand out from its competition, while poor design will make it look like a joke. That’s why professional design services are one of the business expenses you shouldn’t shy away from.

The Right Technology

Technology can be expensive, but it’s also critical. Relying on outdated technology can damage virtually any part of your business: Think of a customer service representative who can’t help customers because of a frequently crashing computer or a graphic designer who’s missing key software. Carefully assess your business’s technology needs, then prioritize it among your other business expenses.

Accounting Services

Accounting services are quite worthwhile. For instance, a good accounting firm can help you identify business expenses that aren’t necessary and eliminate them. It can also reduce the amount of time-wasting paperwork you and your employees need to deal with.

Marketing Efforts

Marketing is another area in which you shouldn’t be afraid to spend. As Forbes contributor Denise Lee Yohn puts it, marketing is “more important today than ever before” because customers have so many options to choose from. Your business may be innovative, but that will only matter if customers notice it.

Insurance and Legal Counsel

Carrying the right insurance plan(s) for your business will cost some money, but it can insulate you from potentially devastating expenses down the road. The same goes for obtaining good legal counsel: Advice from a lawyer has helped countless businesses avoid crippling legal trouble.