Whether it’s COVID-19 or the flu, one person bringing in germs to your business can pass those bugs to everyone. Here’s how to keep your office germ-free.

Clean and Disinfect Your Office Regularly

Instead of leaving the cleaning to housekeeping after hours, think like a gym. Wipe down shared areas and common items once or twice a day to prevent the spread of germs. Clean the kitchen after breaks and lunch.

Encourage Employees to Reduce the Spread of Germs

The flu vaccine can help reduce the severity of the flu and even prevent someone from getting it. Many employees don’t want to make an appointment with a doctor to get it. Encourage your team to get the flu vaccine, maybe even bring it to your work. Or give everyone an added PTO bonus for taking time to do it. Education employees about spreading germs at work.

Provide Sick Days

Don’t let sick employees stay at work. Send them home. Encourage employees to call in sick when they have symptoms. Let them work from home if they want and can. Make sure your workplace has a policy that encourages people to keep their germs away from work.

Provide Supplies

If you want your team to wipe down their desks and doors, you need to have the right supplies on hand. Increase the bottles of sanitizer and boxes of tissues through the flu season so people don’t have to share and pass germs.

Have a Plan For When People Do Get Sick

If you’ve only got a few employees and two or three get sick at once, how will you carry on with normal business. Cross-train employees and have a plan to maintain major tasks so that customers aren’t disappointed. 

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