Being your own boss comes with a lot of advantages. You don’t answer to anyone, giving you a lot of freedom. On the other hand, there’s no one to manage your time. Entrepreneurs often have to do it all. You wear a lot of hats. You only get 24 hours a day, regardless of who you are or what you do. Here are some tips to get the most out of your workday.

Conduct a Time Audit

You can’t get more out of your time without knowing how you do spend your time. Track your time for a week or two to see where your time is going. Then you can find the time sucks to be more effective with your time.

Schedule Your Time

There’s scheduling and then there’s micro-managing. Lean toward scheduling with a buffer of time to be adaptable when the world throws a curveball. At the very least, write down important meetings and deadlines so you don’t forget.

Use a System to Avoid Procrastinating

Overcome procrastination by getting started on a task you avoid by using the 2-minute rule. Spend 2 minutes of getting started with your task. You don’t have to finish, but you do need to start. Essentially, you’re being proactive.

Prioritize and Delegate

Sort your tasks by importance and urgency. This helps you tackle what’s most important to your goals. For tasks that aren’t urgent or important, delegate, or outsource. Use your time more effectively to get the most out of your time.

Have Unstructured Time

It might seem counterintuitive to plan unstructured time, but you need time to let your brain be creative. Give yourself an hour each week that you can spend however you want. Shoot hoops. Take a nap. Meet up with someone for coffee. Don’t talk about work.

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