Mindfulness is defined as “attending to present-moment experience.” What was once considered a New Age practice for personal well-being is making its way into the business world. Mindfulness helps you stay focused on the present, reduces your stress and helps you engage with your employees. Here are ways being mindful creates better leaders.

Mindfulness Helps You Create Better Habits

When you’re trying to change your bad habits to be a more effective leader, mindfulness can help you focus on working smarter, not harder. Leaders need to think about their work habits and how those habits are actually working. If you’re deluded into thinking that busyness is productivity, mindfulness can help you shake that idea to actually be productive.

Mindfulness Motivates You to Have a Life

Many entrepreneurs forget to have work-life balance, which leads to burnout. Mindfulness helps you recharge to keep from toiling away because you should. When you practice mindfulness, you stay focused on what matters and less focused on the bottom line. You can replace your “should work” with get to work because you know your priorities.

Mindfulness Helps You Empathize With Your Team

Leaders who have big egos forget to think about the team. Instead of focusing on what employees need to be successful, those big-ego leaders just worry about making themselves look good. Mindfulness helps you take a breath to look at the long-term consequences of your decisions. It’s not just about your ego and what is best for the company in the moment. You can have a great deal on the table that may increase employee stress and unhappiness. All of your profits could go into rehiring and training new team members because you forget to pause and think. Mindfulness keeps your focus on what’s best for everyone.

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